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Go Natural

Juice & Smoothies
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Go Natural is a family owned business ran by Laurie Illescas and her parents, Jimmy and Christina Illesca who also owned Tropical next door.  They opened up in the summer of 2014. Go Natural serves fro-yo, fresh juices, smoothies, açai bowls and more.

Laurie originally had the idea for Go Natural as a school project; creating a full business and portfolio for it.  Her main idea was thinking of something sweet but also healthy on the avenue since there were no alternatives. 

With the help of her parents, they bought the space next to Tropical and used half of it to extend the restaurant space and the front is used as what is now Go Natural.  Laurie is very thankful for the employees that have helped over the years especially the contributions of her aunt Marly. 

Go Natural has 8 different flavors of fro-yo with 4 being their staples (vanilla, milk chocolate, pomegranate and coconut) and the other 4 changing every so often. 

When each season begins, they always like to try and introduce something new to their menu, whether it's new smoothies, açai bowls or cholados.


MONDAY:         10AM-10PM
TUESDAY:         10AM-10PM
THURSDAY:      10AM-10PM
FRIDAY:             10AM-10PM
SATURDAY:       11AM-9PM
SUNDAY:           11AM-9PM

NOTE: Go Natural closes during the winter season is is opened May-October

(718) 846-8816

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