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Woodhaven was once known as Woodville, and is now home to a middle-income neighborhood. Woodhaven began in the mid-1700s as a small town that revolved around farming. The first European settlements here were by the Suydam, Wyckoff, Ditmar, Lott, and the Snediker families (which is where the original names of these streets come from). Woodhaven is located between Forest Park and Richmond Hill and is one of the most diverse communities in Queens. One of the greatest battles from the American Revolutionary War took place in Woodhaven, near present-day Forest Park.  Woodhaven also has one of the biggest tree populations in the borough.

Majority of homes in Woodhaven are one- two-family homes. Technically, it is a mixed neighborhood of single family homes (detached or in rows). Many have claimed that because of Woodhaven's rich history, sometimes it can remind one of a haunted place with hills going up and then along many areas of the neighborhood. One of the oldest homes in Woodhaven is located at 87-20 88th St.

Today, Woodhaven is a densely populated residential area with a mixed population, consisting of 54% Latinos, 17% Asian,17% White, 6% Black.

Woodhaven is home to a large number of shared cultures and this demonstrates the broad range of ethnicities present in the most diverse county in the United States - Queens County, NY.

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