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New on the Block: Geordie's Joint

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Mike's Pub was a local dive bar located on the avenue that opened up back in the 80s. Now owned by bartender, Geordie Robinson and his wife, Patricia Robinson, they have reopened this past March as Geordie's Joint. Geordie was a bartender at Mike's for over 30 years and when Mike was unable to maintain the bar, Geordie and Patricia took over in October 2018. Geordie's Joint maintains that community bar feel with the same aesthetics Mike's had but now with an updated interior. Walls were taken down, floors were replaced, restrooms renovated, counter tops restored and a new jukebox installed. The new interior is much more inviting to newcomers and less crowding. They have a wide selection of spirits with several beers on tap. They have also started to serve wine, which was never done previously and have started accepting card payments, as well. They offer a range of snacks or you can opt to order a sandwich from a neighboring deli, per your liking. Geordie and Patricia are locals to Woodhaven and really want to bring the best experience to its patrons. Their motto is "There are no strangers here; only friends you haven't met yet."

Be sure to visit this timeless spot on the avenue where you can enjoy a game of pool, darts or just a simple pint.

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