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New on the Block: Woodhaven Chemist

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Officially opening on January, 2019, Woodhaven Chemist is the newest Pharmacy addition on the Avenue. You may be thinking, "wasn't this already a pharmacy?" and you would be correct! Previously, this was the location of Woodhaven Pharmacy (or what locals referred to as Joe's Pharmacy). Once Joe closed shop, many local customers were distraught. Owner, Isaac Matatov has now opened Woodhaven Chemist to bring back the neighborhood pharmacy. Woodhaven Chemist is a small, independently owned pharmacy available to help both previous and new customers. Many of the old clientele were happy that they are here to restore what once was. Their services reach far and wide. They accept all health plans including even ones that are not accepted in local chains, doing so to make sure that no one is turned away.

Woodhaven Chemist offers convenient deliveries at no extra charge 6 days a week. Be sure to stop by for all your pharmacy needs!

In addition to medicine, they provide passport photos on site within minutes, fax/copy/print services, DMV Vision Registry, Moneygram, participation with the OTC network which allows customers to purchase over-the-counter medications through their insurance. They also offer immunization services for the flu, shingles, pneumonia, tetanus, meningitis, all without a prescription. The most important aspect for Isaac and Woodhaven Chemist is the relationship between them and their customers.

"I am both the owner and supervising pharmacist at Woodhaven Chemist so my goal is to make sure I offer my customers a superior and friendly service. I know them all by name and that's how it should be.  We plan to be here for a long time and hope that the locals come back to their neighborhood pharmacy!!" Welcome to the avenue, Woodhaven Chemist!

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