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Woodhaven BID + Queens Chamber of Commerce host mask giveaway to business owners and the community.

On June 30th, we partnered with Queens chamber of commerce for a mask pick up event midday.

We worked to help provide local businesses with masks, hand sanitizer and if applicable, face shields for their staff. We provided business owners with resources given from SBS and answered as many questions as we could for upcoming reopens.

The masks were part of a donation of over 500,000 face masks from SBS to the Chamber, as part of a citywide effort to distribute more than 4 million face coverings to small businesses and their employees as the the city’s economy begins to reopen. We could not have done this event if it weren't for everyone at Small Business Services and Queens Chamber of Commerce.

“This is a critical time for small businesses, and we must all do our part — owners, staff, customers — to ensure a swift and safe reopening period for them.” - Raquel Olivares

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